You Can't Go Wrong by Doing the Right Thing


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Perhaps a critical lesson in happiness is that when you're unsure about what to do, do the right thing. Let your values, principles and kindness guide you.
It's arguable that expertise is the development of informed distinctions. Even with the development of expertise there are so many variables and biases that we are all bound to get it wrong from time to time. The more actions we take, and the more decisions we make, the greater number of errors we will generate. Mistakes are not only unavoidable, they are often a critical part of learning and growth.
Learning and growth is at first messy, confusing, and often frustrating. Yet, even when we feel as though we are navigating through a turbulent storm of uncertainty, there are inner attributes that can be our compass.
In this episode Tiff and I discuss topics ranging from coaching, movement, teaching, learning and moving through seemingly insurmountable information available on just about anything. How can your inner compass guide you, ensuring that in the long run you won't go wrong, especially in moments when you feel as though you just can't get it right?

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