Clare Milford-Haven: What Losing My Son Taught Me About Suicide


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Episode 5 of The School of Success Podcast Series is now live! A once in a lifetime personal account into the complexity of happiness and the fragility of mental health, no matter how fortunate you may be 💎 This inspiring interview with the wonderful Clare Milford-Haven, aristocrat, ex-Tatler journalist, polo player, mother and co-founder of @jamesplace, the first non-clinical charity specialising in the prevention of male suicide, teaches you: - what kind of things trigger depression and suicidal crisis; - what type of person feels suicidal; - why men are particularly vulnerable; - the signs and symptoms of mental illness; - how you can save a life in the smallest of ways; and - why those most at risk may be the last people you expect 💎 This is for you if you have an interest in what it is to be human - happiness, sadness, fluke, chance, adversity and everything in between. This is also for you if you have men in your life you care deeply for, whether father, brother, husband, boyfriend, son or otherwise. 💎 This is also for you if you want to learn how to understand a misunderstood and stigmatised subject that affects far more people than we realise (85 men take their lives every week in the UK, with 75% of suicides being male and suicide being the leading cause of death in men aged 20-49). In other words, suicide is a silent epidemic that gets far less air-time than Covid19. 💎 We need to do something about this. 💎 In this warm-hearted interview, Clare lovingly guides you to discover a range of powerful tools to help you spot signs of vulnerability in your nearest and dearest that might otherwise go unsaid, tools to help loved ones express how they really feel and support systems to help those in crisis. 💎 You can find Clare @jamesplace on Instagram and at 🍬 💎 Be warned, Clare is an inspiring example of motherhood, innovation, making a difference and above all, saving lives. Career + Life Coach + Wellbeing Trainer @melaniepritchardcoaching

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