Charmian Mead: Why Becoming A Parent Doesn't Have to Mean Sleep Deprivation


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Episode 11 of The School of Success Podcast Series is now live! An inspiring and eye-opening deep-dive into why becoming a parent doesn't have to mean sleep deprivation! 💎 This interview with the accomplished Baby Sleep Consultant, Creator and Author of The Sleeping Baby Routine teaches you: - top tips around the key pain points that stress new parents out; - what's really going on in most mums' inner monologues in the early days; - myth-busting around the trials and tribulations of breast-feeding; - the impact of birth hormones on women's bodies and brains; and - the surprising impact of birth on men 💎 This is also for you if you have an interest in how to optimise sleep in the early days of parenting, why how couples interrelate with a newborn is so key and the ups and downs behind jolly social media posts many new parents don't share. This is also for you if you're not sure what a Baby Sleep Consultant is and the main benefits of investing in one! 💎 In this super informative interview, Charmian shares her expert wisdom from over 20 years as a Baby Sleep Consultant working with clients across a whole host of industries and countries on why getting a baby's sleep right is the greatest luxury you can give yourself (and your relationships!) 💎 You can find Charmian @thesleepingbabyroutine on Instagram and at 💎 Career + Life Coach + Wellbeing Trainer @melaniepritchardcoaching

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