Campfire 1: But what does your respect get me?


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As the Camp Counselors settle in Jett tells a ghost story, which is a prelude to a revelation. Sabrina helps a reluctant (and loud) camper disentangle from their parents, while Shawn supervises. Achille invents a contest, and cleans a femur(?).


This episode starred Em as Shawn Ghast (they/them), Micky as Achille (any pronouns), Kris as Sabrina (she/her), and Grahame as Jett (xe/xir).

We are playing Sleepaway by Jay Dragon and Possum Creek Studios, with elements from the Uncanny expansion. For more information on their games, visit

Cover Image by Grahame. Theme music by Dark Fantasy Studio. Some sound effects for this series from and, with additional music from GameDevMarket and Dark Fantasy Studio.

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Content Warnings

This series contains audio depictions of:

  • Cosmic horror
  • Body horror
  • Fantasy violence
  • Child endangerment
  • Missing children
  • Fantasy violence
  • Dead and dismembered animals.

If these are themes that you are not in the right head space for, consider listening to these episodes at a later date.

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