Navigating Midlife, Understanding Menopause


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It's episode69.

This episode sees the return of previous guest Carolyn Hobdey, specialist in Midlife Transformation for Women (check out episode 36). In this episode, we explore the menopause and Carolyn shares her insights into supporting and coaching women and men through this challenging time. This is an informative episode for anyone experiencing menopause, not sure whether they are going through the early stages, and for anyone who is supporting, loving or leading someone experiencing menopause.

Carolyn Hobdey spent 20 years building a corporate career as a Board Director in Human Resources working for some of the World’s largest employers and most recognisable brands. Yet, her career success wasn’t matched by her personal life, which was a mess. In 2018, her world imploded. Standing in the ashes of a life razed to the ground, Carolyn had to rebuild from scratch - starting with herself. Now a multi-published author and media commentator, Carolyn specialises in talking about 'Twats’ and Midlife Transformation for women.



FB Page: @redefining.selfish

FB Profile: @carolynhobdey

Insta: @carolynhobdey and @redefiningselfish

David Algeo is a Restless Midlifer, searching for answers and adventure. His mission, should you choose to join him, is to seek out ways to get life back on his terms, heading in a more fulfilling direction and enhancing his health in the process. Dave is a writer, coach, and constantly curious person, striving to encourage others to live big - by identifying the small but significant things that can transform the life we are living. Join Dave as he explores how to regain the spirit of adventure and childlike curiosity whilst managing the "grown-up" responsibilities of life.

Dave's approach to making changes in life, health and direction, are rooted in his 'sprout sweater philosophy. Check out his 'Crackerjack' video here to learn more about the basic metaphor. Check out episodes 30 and 31 to learn more about Dave's approach.

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