Ep #13 Free Class: The State of Remote Work: 3 Keys To Unlock Your Success in Both an Up and Down Economy


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This episode is brought to you by Camille's new up-and-coming free Master class "3 Keys To Unlock Success in Both an Up and Down Economy".
In this episode, Camille talks about something that has been on her mind for months. You will hear her address the 3 key things she thinks are most important to you navigating your remote work journey in both a good and bad economy.

  • Learn to look at work differently
  • Be prepared for opportunities
  • Understand pricing

Be sure you sign up for Camille's FREE training HERE: https://www.camilleattell.com/freeclass
She will be hosting it LIVE:

  • June 7th (Tuesday) 4:00 pm PST
  • June 8th (Wednesday) 10:00 am PST

**DISCLAIMER: This podcast is not a substitute for professional consultation. For any retirement or income-related matters, it is best to work with a professional advisor.**
Welcome to The Remote Work Retirement Show, the only show that is dedicated to remote work for semi-retirees, people leaving the workforce, and people working in retirement to help them have the peace of mind that they can live how they want without the fear of running out of money.

Free Remote Work Training:
If you're looking for more information about remote work, click here to register for the free "How To Get Remote Work To Have a Flexible Lifestyle" (Without Running Out of Money) or visit https://www.camilleattell.com/remote-training

Camille Attell is the founder of Remote Work School, where she coaches and helps semi- and working retirees get remote work so they don't run out of money. In 2016 she walked away from a 20+ career in corporate training to live the life she always wanted—adventure and travel on her terms. She and her husband Bryce traveled full-time in their RV for four years while reinventing themselves professionally to work over twelve different remote jobs. Camille combines her corporate training experience, and her Master's degree in psychology, with being a long-time remote worker, to provide a well-rounded, no-nonsense approach to helping people in a career and life transition get the right remote work so they can live how they want.

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