The React Native Show Podcast - Ep. 11: "Expert Talks on Current and Future Trends in React Native"


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In the 11th episode of The React Native Show Łukasz Chludziński ( and his guest, Ola Desmurs-Linczewska (, talk about the most important releases and libraries that happened in the React Native ecosystem in 2021 as well as the trends and predictions for the future. The picks are based on Callstack experts’ responses to the following questions: - What was the most groundbreaking moment for React Native in 2021? - Which React Native library was the most useful last year? - What are you looking forward to seeing in 2022 React Native wise? Ola and Łukasz’s comments are the main course of the episode! What else are they cooking in this edition? Aside from speaking about the highlights of React Native 2021, Ola and Łukasz share their thoughts on New Architecture and its potential impact on React Native in 2022. They also discuss the fact that more and more companies are adopting React Native! This and much more you can hear in our latest episode. Check it out to learn more about the current and future trends in React Native! This year already looks pretty exciting in the React Native space 🚀 Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and share the video on your socials! Not sure what Re.Pack is or want to find out more Hermes on iOS? Here’s a shortlist of your must-reads then! Catch up today: ➡️ Re.Pack ➡️ Hermes on iOS ➡️ React Navigation Need help with your React Native project? Give us a shout! Check what we can do for you: Callstack is looking for Senior React Native developers! Read more about the role and apply here:

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