‘Bringing the Bratwurst’ at the Quarter-Mark of the NHL Season


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After attending his son Landon’s DEL pro hockey game in Cologne, Ray is loving the energy of German hockey fans… Although, he credits ‘refreshments’ at the concession stands for some of the upbeat atmosphere. The guys bring the energy on a quarter-season instalment of the pod!

Headlines covers hot-streaks of budding NHL superstars as Mitch Marner, Jason Robertson, and Elias Pettersson’s draw comparisons to a couple legends of the game. Dregs recounts Pavel Datsyuk’s use of the ‘language barrier’ to dodge the media, and his ‘magic’ ability to always have the puck.

Winnipeg Jets goalie Connor Hellebuyck’s comments on a controversial goal prompt new considerations for goalie safety. A recent trend of goalies bending the rules by conveniently knocking the net off is also discussed. Off-season roster changes are proving hard to overcome, as the New York Rangers’ struggles continue, the guys talk Gerard Gallant’s loss of favour with Rangers fans. Plus, the Dallas Stars’ emergence as a contender.

Kris Abbott is busy with Betano meetings so Dregs preps his NFL Picks chirps for Thursday. Oddsmakers like Connor McDavid to three-peat as the Art Ross trophy winner, are outside chances for a different NHL point-leader worth betting on?

Ask R+D sees questions on Ray’s German food preferences, memorable moments in hockey history, and Dregs’ Movember brings up a question on the best NHL ‘staches.

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