Ep. 231 | Camrie Caruso


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Camrie Caruso is in the midst of her first full NHRA Pro Stock season and she’s here to break it down. Caruso shares if it’s what she imagined; being the second woman to contest a full year; what it’s like driving a Pro Stock car; what made Camrie want to be a race car driver like dad and grandpa; loving to prove the critics wrong and not snapping back on social media; the reason she ended up in Pro Stock after wanting to be in Pro Mod; the relationship with dad, who wears many hats; the experience of starting out in Jr. Drag Racing and her climb to Pro Stock; also having other jobs outside the car; derailing the family plan; earning her first No. 1 qualifier in Houston but the incident with Erica Enders in qualifying; wanting to upset the apple cart; recognition from Pro Stock Motorcycle champion Angelle Sampey; doing things differently than society norm; not one for school; being on the cover of Drag Illustrated; on a fast upward trajectory; goals coming into the year and what’s already been accomplished.
Music created by Tony Monge.
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