Episode 239 - Brennan Burling - Wildfire Creative Studio - Omaha, NE.


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This weeks guest is Brennan Burling from Wildfire Creative Studio. He is a brand designer and strategist out of Omaha, NE. @wildfire_creative_studio
During this episode we talk about:
-how he grew up in a small town and graduated with the same 27 people he started Kindergarten with.
-his rad 70year old Grandma learning photoshop.
-how he originally was on the path to becoming an accountant.
-how his first design job ever ended up being the most challenging time in his career.
-a rebranding project he was a part of and why he is so proud of the project.
-a cool tool that he uses when working out brand archetypes.
Of course all that and so much more. Glad to have been able to connect with Brennan and hear about his journey to becoming a designer. And his rad Grandma too.

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