Episode 237 - Laura Prpich - Caribou Creative - Courtney/Comox BC.


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This weeks guest is Laura Prpich. She is the talented creative behind Caribou Creative working out of Courtney/Comox on Vancouver Island in beautiful BC. @cariboucreative
During this episode we talk about:
-her rural Saskatchewan roots and how her family was very musically creative.
-the nonchalant comment that led to her pursuit of graphic design.
-the first time she really connected with design.
-her time working in womens apparel and why she really enjoyed it.
-the time right after getting out of college and why it was the toughest time in her career.
-challenges she has faced during 2020.
-the project she was a part of that started amazing, but didn't end up that way.
-so much more.
Laura and I have actually crossed paths in the print game in the past. She is a blast to chat with and has great stories to share! She also loves to surf. @cariboucreative
Check out @printdesign_academy on Instagram for photos of these projects.

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