Episode 235 - Jorel Dray - Instructor of Graphic Design - CD at Levee Labs - Madison WI.


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This weeks guest is Jorel Dray. He is an Instructor of Graphic Design at Madison College, Creative Director at Levee Labs, and recent TEDx Speaker out of Madison WI.
During this episode we talk about:
-the phrase his mom would say to him to inspire creativity.
-the class that really lit his fire for graphic design.
-his time at one place of work and why is was the most challenging time in his career.
-the real life FOMO of making a career move.
-a project that he took on that ended with him getting ghosted.
-the cola project he was a part of and why he is so proud of it.
I really enjoyed this chat with Jorel and I know you will too. Lots of gems in this story telling.
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