Musician .Jxck discusses hardships of independent artists, moving to NYC, performing for the NBA and more


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We kick this episode off with a performance from talented musician Jxck and end it with a performance from surprise guest Dre Got The Blues! .Jxck discusses his early career and his initial move from Maine to NYC and how his passion for music brought the idea of moving to New York in the first place. Jxck tells us how he med Dre Got The Blues early on in college and from there they kicked things off right away with their collaborative album titled 'Bluejack'

Together along with a couple of other musicians they created the Sauce Collective and hit the road running by performing on stages around New York. With his newest album 'Beautiful Day' .Jxck shows you a soulful feel mixed with his R&B vibes, make sure to tune in to his newest album!

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