Jack the Smoker talks origins of hip hop in Italy, collab with Sony, Fifa, & his role in the hip hop culture


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We sit down with one of the pioneers of hip hop in Milan Italy, Jack The Smoker. Jack was one of the earliest hip hop artists in Italy back from when Hip Hop was not popular in Italy, and through determination has pushed through hardships to reach a level that is now recognized in the country through a platinum album to being signed to the Machete record label which is one of the biggest independent labels in Europe. From being involved in rap battles earlier in his career and performing in venues with 20-30 people to now collaborating with global brands like Sony and Fifa, Jack the Smoker is a true example of how staying focused and determined on your goal can take you to amazing new heights.

Tune in and find out more about the hip hop scene in Italy, and the great things Machete and Jack have done to inspire even the next generation of artists throughout Italy to push the hip hop genre further forward in Italy.

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