George Bonanno || The New Science of Resilience


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In this episode, I talk to George Bonanno about trauma and resiliency. We start off by discussing what people get wrong about trauma and how this led to the invention of the PTSD diagnosis. George defines what resilience is, how it’s different from growth, and its paradoxical correlation to individual differences. Finally, he elaborates on how the flexibility mindset and sequence help us get through personal traumatic events or global tragedies like 9/11 or the COVID-19 pandemic.


Dr. George Bonanno is a professor of psychology, chair of the department of counseling in clinical psychology, and director of the Loss, Trauma, and Emotion Lab at Teachers College Columbia University. He’s the author of The Other Side of Sadness and The End of Trauma.


Twitter: @giorgiobee


00:01:41 Jerome L. Singer’s influence on George

00:05:42 Society’s skewed view of trauma

00:08:15 Explaining the PTSD diagnosis

00:10:38 People are more resilient than you think

00:14:23 Resilience VS growth

00:19:50 The resilience paradox

00:24:44 The flexibility mindset

00:29:58 The flexibility sequence

00:34:50 How to be more flexible

00:38:11 Goal-directed self-talk

00:47:50 The resilience blind spot

00:50:06 What 9/11 teaches us about resilience

00:53:10 We’ll overcome the COVID-19 pandemic

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