E76: WeAre8 - Reimagining the Digital Advertising Economy & Power to the People with Sue Fennessey


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Today I had the pleasure of interviewing serial technology entrepreneur, Sue Fennessey, to learn more about her company, WeAre8, and the impact it’s having on brands and consumers. Sue creates disruptive business in the digital economy while empowering millions of creators and advertisers.

Sue has redefined the digital advertising world through her company to bring together people and the brands they love. To hear more about the collective force of action Sue is creating for the world, listen to the full podcast now on @Spotify @Google @Anchor.fm @Apple @Amazon or visit my website https://www.thereinventionexchange.com/powerofreinvention-podcast

Some powerful takeaways from today’s episode:

  • We can reunite brands and people while supporting the planet
  • We have the problems and solutions, we need collective action
  • 8 minutes of inspiration a day can change the world
  • The ability to redefine the digital advertising economy is right in front of us
  • There is a way to shift the advertising model to give power back to the people

Sue Fennessey LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sue-fennessy/


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