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This episode was so much fun. We talk about what black entrepreneurs can do to be successful.
His journey as an artist eventually led him to his intense passion for business and marketing. Muyinza started working at only 13 years old to pay for studio time before attending college for music and then deciding he wanted to focus on being a business owner. In 2014, Muyinza established an online business that would go on to earn him $700,000 over the next 4 years.
The capital earned from this endeavor enabled Muyinza to make his second biggest investment yet: establishing a digital marketing company: Beth Creative Group. Now, Muyinza is ready to share highly valuable advice on an efficient and cost-effective way to start and grow a business. In this episode he talks about the problems and struggles faced by black entrepreneurs and business owners today as well as the role that being black plays and has played in business relations in the United States.

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