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1 in 5 mothers will experience a Perinatal Mood or Anxiety Disorder. The importance of a mother's mental health is directly correlated to the health of her infant and children, yet in our current social climate, women are still ashamed to reach out for help. In 2019, I shared my experience with postpartum depression/anxiety with my first son on the TEDx stage. Since then due to the outpouring of stories of mothers who felt like they had not support, resources or voice in their motherhood journey, I started Mission: Motherhood. We are dedicated to breaking the stigma surrounding maternal mental health (postpartum depression, anxiety, OCD) and provide mothers with a safe space to come together and get the specialized services they deserve to be well for themselves and their children. As a community we need to support all mothers through increased Reverence. Awareness. Inclusion. Support. Education which is an acronym that I shared in my TEDx talk in 2019 and continue to promote.

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