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This episode turned into my personal coaching session. Donnie Tuttle walks me through some of my own personal struggles. Donnie is not only one of the best Coaches in the world, he is also one of my best friends. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did.
His book Sell Anywhere is blowing up. If you are in any field of sales this book is for you. In 2016, Salesman by day, dreamer by night, Donnie Tuttle stepped into an adventure reserved for the wealthy-world travel with his family of 10. Without a roadmap, he learned to sell his way through the adventure and charted his own course.

Every three months, they would move into a new city, sight-unseen. They did this for almost three years. Business soared and the family experienced the world.

This book outlines the lessons he learned and shows you how to create your own strategy for your amazing traveling sales adventure.

The world has never been more open to those who want adventure! You can create the most vivid version of your life possible, and if that includes travel and selling, this is your roadmap.

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