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Damian Boudreaux is an internationally-recognized speaker, consultant, and teacher for the automotive industry. His 30+ years of experience selling, training, and connecting with auto professionals across the US and Canada is the perfect recipe for those who are hungry to improve every area of their life. He educates and inspires folks to succeed by believing in themselves, the deal, their product, their company, and their service--one lifelong relationship at a time.
“I help you align WHO YOU ARE AT YOUR BEST so that you can build a profitable, scalable business. WHO YOU ARE IS PERFECT to win at this great business.”
-Damian Boudreaux
Founder of Auto Training Academy, Author of Keep It Simple Selling, Co-Author with Ali Reda of How to Sell 100 Cars a Month, and High Performance Coach for the 100 Cars Club - his unique approach to relationship selling has helped thousands of salespeople in this business. Damian’s approach to business is dynamic, charismatic and committed to your success. Every salesperson connected to the automotive industry will benefit from Damian’s techniques and strategies. His perspective makes our industry simple, noble, profitable, and fun!

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