S1 Ep24: Immanuel Kant


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In the last episode of the season, Jorrel and Max discuss one of the most famous philosophers in history, Immanuel Kant. Join the guys as they take an in-depth look at his all too important work Perpetual Peace, from 1795. Learn how Kant predicted the future, how nature always finds a way, and why we don’t actually need war anymore. Kant left us instructions for finding lasting peace, so why don’t we follow it? Listen in as Jorrel and Max talk about really important concepts that could actually make a difference in the world if people would just listen to Kant!
Major Talking Points
  • Transcendental Idealism and Kant’s views on human rights
  • Universal laws and the understanding of human existence
  • Perpetual Peace and what it can provide
  • Peace takes hard work
  • War is manifested because of expectation
  • China, the BRI, and international loans
  • American Imperialism of the past and its effect on the present.
  • The importance and impact of globalization.

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