S1 Ep22: Interview with Rigel Robinson


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This week Max and Jorrel speak with political economist and Berkeley city council member Rigel Robinson. Hear Rigel talk about how he become a city council member at such a young age, his thoughts on the Newsom recall, and his call to action for young party members. They cover local pandemic responses, the growing housing and homelessness crisis in California, and the relationship between state and local governments. Listen to Rigel talk about the importance of getting involved and the urgency young voters should feel about today’s most pressing issues.

Major talking points in the interview
1. How he got involved with city council
2. Projects and Roadblocks

  • Zoning/Housing Crisis
  • Local Pandemic Response
  • Media Coverage and Misinformation

3. Newsom Recall
4. State/ Local Government Relationship
5. Calls to Action for Young Party Members
Fun Questions
  • Weirdest Moment
  • Craziest Thing from Campaign

7. Wrap-Up

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