#293: Stop the McElroy Elevation—Rachel Mastrogiacomo and Leon Podles


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Today’s episode is the first of two interviews with Rachel Mastrogiacomo. Next week the guest is pro bono sexual abuse advocate Gene Gomulka. This week, the other guest joining Rachel is author and Catholic researcher Dr. Leon Podles, who appeared back in Episode 97 of this podcast, joins us to talk about Mastrogiacomo’s extraordinary case.

There’s no gentle way to say that she was satanically ritually raped by an admitted sexual predator, the former priest of the Diocese of San Diego, Jacob Bertrand. Then her pleas for help and justice from the Diocese led by Bishop Robert McElroy were ignored, denied, and deflected.

Hers is a maddening and heart-breaking story—at first, until you see her fighting spirit that manages to be gentle and prayerful at the same time.


  • The basic storyline of her SRA (satanic ritual abuse) grooming and eventual assault
  • Her initial reaction and subsequent finding of her courage
  • Why she is still Catholic
  • Specifics of McElroy’s cover up
  • Why McElroy’s elevation by Bergoglio to the red hat cardinal status is a slap in the face to victims like Mastrogiacamo
  • How her story validates the research of Dr. Podles
  • The big picture of sexual abuse cover-up in the Catholic Church in America
  • Sources of hope and encouragement


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