#290: Don't Go to College—Timothy Gordon


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Tim Gordon has a message for college-seekers: turn back; don’t do it. He co-written a book on this topic with Dr. Michael Robillard, titled Don't Go to College: A Case for Revolution, with a Foreword by Michael Knowles.

College or university experience is widely seen as the default “We All Do It” setting when it comes to making your way in life. But how true is that? Are there other alternatives that cost less, provide a bigger return on investment, and avoid college environment problems? This is the heart of why I had the host of Rules for Retrogrades on the podcast.

In this Interview You Will Learn
  • When colleges and universities turned to the dark side
  • Alternatives to college
  • Details on how colleges are bad idea factories at the cutting edge of everything that is wrong with society
  • Why Aristotle’s Four Causes matter and who removed the Formal and Final Causes out of the medieval university system
  • The real meaning of entrepreneurship
  • Why there is no such thing as “good debt”
  • The advantages of marrying young and starting a family on one income.

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