#286: Is China Planning to Attack Taiwan?—Steven Mosher, PhD


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A shocking video leaked out of China shows a CCP military seeming to be planning for an invasion of the island of Taiwan. The legacy media are very busy with the usual distraction m.o. (Ukraine/Russia, celebrity trial, endless Texas shooting coverage, gas and food price obsession, etc) while the CCP gets its war machine in place.

Former atheist Dr. Steven Mosher was the first western social scientist allowed into China in 1979, and seeing the Once Child policy, and witnessing how the Communist Chinese Party operates, made him a pro-life practicing Catholic. This is a very good information exchange to share.


👉Signs that a video is not doctored, hence not fake news. 👉Recent history of the CCP’s attitude toward independent Taiwan 👉Why the CCP would chose now to invade 👉The definition and scope of the concept of a “Peoples’ War” 👉The true nature of life in China for innocent Chinese citizens 👉Why the Taiwan Straight is critical to international shipping 👉Why the CCP would want to get its hands on Taiwan’s computer chip manufacturing capabilities 👉The details of the disastrous Vatican/China agreement of 2018


👉Leaked military planning video via Chinese human rights activist Jennifer Zeng (with transcript in English) 👉Bully of Asia: Why China's Dream is the New Threat to World Order by Dr. Steve Mosher 👉The Politically Incorrect Guide to Pandemics by Dr. Steve Mosher 👉Dr. Mosher on Twitter: @StevenWMosher 👉Population Research Institute website, headed by Dr. Mosher

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