#284: Father James Altman Unplugged—Father James Altman


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It was a Tuesday like any other. Tuesday, May 12, 2020, and Pastor James Altman mounted the pulpit at St. James the Lesser in LaCrosse, WI, to deliver his homily for daily Mass.

The topic was on how being a practicing Catholic and a devoted Democrat are incompatible. Delivered in his characteristic passion and clarity, it went viral. To say the least.

It led ultimately to a clash with his Bishop, William Callahan.

Father Altman was accused—wait for it—of being “divisive and ineffective” as a pastor, and removed from the parish, his priestly faculties suspended. There is a case pending from Rome regarding his status and future. His predicament as a “canceled priest” is a sign of the times in the Catholic Church.

Clergy and lait have much to learn from his witness to the truth of the one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic Faith. This interview was conducted in front of a live audience at a private event for members of Coffin Nation in and around Orange County.


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