#255: We're All Jews This Time Around—Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, MD


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Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko just made an Antifa hitlist on a German website of 250 freedom fighting influencer’s marked for murder. Sad bunch of cowards the lot of them. People like Dr. Zev, who, while undergoing open-heart surgery, and surviving sarcoma, are willing to upstream against the grain and lead by example, starting with the manly virtue of courage, are what the world needs right now. He has actual science on his side when it comes to early treatment and prevention of Covid-19. His open letter to President Trump in April 2020, put hydroxychloroquine and zinc on the map, and that jumpstarted a firestorm of debate—all to the good, ultimately.


👉How early Zelenko figured out that Covid was a scam.

👉The lengths to which he went into researching what became his Z-Stack protocol for early treatment.

👉The straight analogy between Nazi Germany and the current Covid tyranny narrative.

👉Why the ZStack works to crush Covid symptoms early.

👉Why Zelenko does not hesitate to call this global phenomenon mass murder and genocide.

👉His message to Anthony Fauci and the academic fraudsters who run this crisis.

👉What keeps him going with a spirit of hope despite his grave health challenges and the enormity of the evil he is fighting.


👉Z Stack protocol for early Covid treatment and prevention. Get yours here: www.zstacklife.com

👉Truth Over Fear summit featuring Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, MD, and 39 other experts. Register for a premium pass here: www.restoretheculture.com

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