#253: Crushing COVID Corruption with Dr. Judy Mikovits


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Dr. Judy Mikovits, Ph.D., is one of the most banned, maligned, censored, lied about—and unread—researchers in the world. She was jailed illegally for five days by order of the Fauci Machine, she was a highly regarded cancer researcher until she starting blowing the whistle on the endemic (pandemic?) corruption that taints the biopharmaceutical industry.

Mikovits also has a new book that summarizes the story so far of her fight for truth and against medical tyranny. And the featured expert in the internet phenom documentary Plandemic has a message for the world.

Watch this episode on our website: https://www.patrickcoffin.media/crushing-covid-corruption/

Judy is also a featured presenter at Truth Over Fear summit. You can still buy a one-year pass at: www.restoretheculture.com

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