#252: How to Punch Back Against the Vax Mandates—Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, MD


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Aaron Kheriaty is about the opposite of the Casting Central stereotype of a sue-happy culture warrior. On the contrary, the Notre Dame/Georgetown-trained professor of psychiatry is the picture of calm, articulate communication. As a teaching psychiatrist also in clinical practice, the author of The Catholic Guide to Depression exudes compassion and respect for suffering people.

When his employer, the University of California Irvine, imposed the Covid vaccine on staff and faculty and refused to give Kheriaty an exception—because he already had Covid and hence already enjoyed the more powerful natural immunity—his options ran down to zero quickly.

So he sued UCI. This is a landmark case for several important reasons having nothing to do with Covid-19.


👉 The trigger point for this lawsuit. 👉 Why he decided to fight it out in the courts rather than give in and get the jab. 👉 What’s behind the excessively rough and accusatory language in UCI’s communications with him. 👉 How he went from acclaimed professor and mentor to campus pariah overnight. 👉 Why this is a hill worth dying on. 👉 How this lawsuit is a key test case for similar examples of tyrannical overreach and the violation of the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution. 👉 What you can do to help since you are indirectly implicated as a fellow plaintiff.


👉 Connect with Dc. Aaron Kheriaty on his website: https://www.aaronkheriaty.com/ 👉 The Catholic Guide to Depression by Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, MD and Father John Cihak: https://amzn.to/3aiLZIb 👉The Zephyr Institute: https://www.zephyr.org/

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