#242: Exposing Covid-19 Vaers Lies in Court—Thomas Renz


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This is a biggie. America’s Frontline Doctors have brought in Ohio-based attorney Tom Renz to sue the Federal Government in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Alabama.

This suit, the first of its kind, is all about advocating for the estimated 45,000 deaths from the Covid “vaccine,” mighting assisted by the sworn affidavit by an anonymous whistle-blowing expert.

We are being lied to on a massive scale, says Renz. And God willing, the courts will settle the score and hold the oligarchs to account.

In this Interview You Will Learn
  • Why this lawsuit and others like it are so urgently needed
  • How the elites running this Covid scam are fudging, hiding, and denying the numbers in every single chance they get, from all angles
  • Why the whistleblower’s evidence is key, and why more people will likely join her in speaking out
  • How the mixed and flip-flopping messages of leaders like Gov. DeSantis and many Con Inc. media hosts are part of the problem
  • Why Renz decided enough is enough
  • The role of faith in this battle of the culture war for the soul of the nation.
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