276: The Right Way to Run Brand Campaigns in Google Ads


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Show Notes:
In this episode, the guys are addressing the polarizing topic of running brand campaigns in Google Ads covering both how to do it right as well as common problems that can fuel false success metrics.

Defining a brand campaign (3:07)
When you have someone searching for your company name (or anything exclusive to your company) and you have a keyword that targets it specifically and directs them to your website. It’s designed to capture the people looking for you. The advantage is that you control the messaging. - Chris
When competitors are bidding on your brand name (6:42)
Seeing a competitor positioned above you in organic results is the only justification for bidding on your own brand. The purpose of a brand campaign is to protect your company name. – Chris
Just because you don’t see someone out there when you do a search, it doesn’t mean no one is targeting your brand name or no one will start. So there might be a benefit to having a brand campaign going to get ahead. – Jason

Analyzing ROAS/Cost per lead with and without brand leads (10:49)
This is typically the biggest abuse we see, whether it's intentional or not. When you have a blend of brand searches inside your marketing search campaign, it loses its integrity by blending the value of a brand search with a non-brand.

Allowing brand keywords to show in sales/lead gen search campaign (21:49)
Mixing data is the biggest mistake you can make whether it's out of neglect or ignorance. Doing it wrong is ignoring what kind of traffic you're getting, how the keywords are reacting, and what the ecosystem looks like inside the search term report. To keep your data accurate, add your band name as negative keywords to your main search campaigns and run it as its own campaign.

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