Europe Responds to Putin's Temper Tantrums . . . Punishing A Very Bad Boy . . . NCOs Make All the Difference on the Battlefield


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Jeff Weaver and Adam Von Romer, who have once again been sadly overlooked by the daytime Emmy Awards judges, discuss the feasibility of imposing a philosophical "no-fly" zone in Ukraine to bolster Kyev's defenses against the Russian military. Jeff and Adam also consider the wisdom of the Russian bombings of nuclear power plants in Ukraine, particularly when the prevailing wind patterns will take the radioactive fallout back over western Russia. In debating the best way to respond forcefully to Putin's atrocities in the Ukraine, they agree to try the German suggestion to send a strongly worded email (perhaps in all capital letters for added emphasis) admonishing Putin to behave himself or face significant penalties such as the loss of VIP backstage passes at all Def Leppard concerts. Adam talks about tightening Western sanctions and the departure of Bacardi from Russia--which has effectively put an end to "Taco Tuesday" throughout the country. Jeff applauds the Russian plan to reduce the costs of the pensions they must pay to their officers by having the generals stay at the front lines where they are picked off by Ukrainian snipers with disturbing regularity. Adam and Jeff point to the non-commissioned officers in the United States military as a key reason that the United States forces are far more innovative on the battlefield than their Russian counterparts. Russian troops are also deserting their ranks because they were told when they enlisted that they had won all-expense paid trips to Disney World. The lack of success in Ukraine has caused the Russian government to shift the goalposts and essentially scale back its territorial ambitions to capturing the Donetsk Starbucks and the two Burger King restaurants outside of Odessa.

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