Electric Vehicles Vs. Good Old Fashioned Gas Guzzlers


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The two highest paid correspondents at The Omaha Bugle, Adam Von Romer and Jeff Weaver, talk about the manufacturing process of electric vehicles (EVs) and the reliance of the electric power grid on fossil fuels. Showing the bossy know-it-all attitude that has endeared them to dozens of fans, Adam and Jeff wonder how EVs can be considered "green" when fossil fuels are used to generate almost two-thirds of the electricity in the United States. Whether electric vehicles can ever be a truly mainstream vehicle when the cheaper models cost as much as the median family income in this county is also discussed. But solutions abound as Adam and Jeff point out that almost anyone can own a pricey EV if they are willing to give up their apartment and move into their automobile. An added bonus is a mini-travelogue hosted by Adam where he discusses his trip to the scenic (and vacant) town of Centralia, Pennsylvania, where the coal mines have been burning for a half a century.

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