Adam Von Romer and Jeff Weaver discuss the Russian "excursion" into Ukraine . . . Do military vehicles come with 100,000 mile warranties? . . . Does anyone maintain anything in authoritarian countries?


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The Omaha Bugle's senior correspondents, Jeff Weaver and Adam Von Romer, test out some fancy new transmitting equipment as Jeff drives a mobile studio that looks suspiciously like a U-haul truck across the country. The erratic sound quality could be due to the lack of insulation in the truck cabin or continuous signal jamming by government agencies anxious to shut down the Bugle. Adam and Jeff talk about Russia's recent excursion into Ukraine in which 150,000 troops and several thousand tanks and military vehicles accidentally crossed the border and did not discover their navigational error until they had reached the outskirts of the capital, Kyev, several hundred miles away. The invading troops saluted their hosts, offering traditional Russian greetings of goodwill by dropping bombs on a number of major cities and destroying such vital military targets as schools, hospitals, and food lines. Adam and Jeff then consider the bias of authoritarian regimes such as Russian and China which favors building things as opposed to maintaining them. Adam and Jeff also wonder about the point of debating whether a particular type of bomb is legal or not when the end result is that the people on the ground get killed or wounded either way.

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