One Punch Man


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"Damnit, finished in one punch again." - One Punch Man

Hate Superman? Are you tired of the same old run-of-the-mill dead parents backstory? Think heroes work too hard? Well have no fear, your new favorite hero is here! One Punch Man! This week we bring you the story of One Punch Man thanks to the suggestion from listener Anthony! OPM is a unique hero that can win any battle in just one punch. Joins us as we share a few chuckles about the fantastic Japanese hero. Other topics we chat about that might interest you are: Bluey, the children's tv show for adults, reading on an iPad vs iPhone, schmuck of the week vs character development, Superhero fatigue, and working out so hard that you go bald?! All background noise comes courtesy of Sully and Rory, two huge fans of us recording in the kitchen!

QOTW: If you had to live in the world of a movie, tv show, comic, manga or book, what world would it be?

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