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Welcome to "The New York Minute Podcast." A podcast about New York City: the food, the architecture, the art, the celeb citings, the parties, the misfits, the marches, etc. Want a recommendations from REAL New Yorkers, look no further. I, along with my weekly guest, share our favorite eats and tales of the concrete jungle. instagram: @thenewyorkminutepodcast logo design: Latoya Leflore @latoya.leflore.7 music: Corey Zack of The Cocoon - A Music Production Lab [To honor the original podcast that got it all started, here's our descriptor for "Booked and Blessed." Check out those episodes below! David and LeAnn here! We are Booked and Blessed: A podcast that explores the intersection between books and Broadway. Listen in if you're curious about what your favorite theater people read! Come along with us as we step into the "library" with some of our favorite performers from the Great White Way and beyond, as we discuss their favorite books and how literature influences who and where they are today! Feel free to check us out on social media for updates on upcoming episodes, and send us comments, inquiries, and feedback on what you may want to hear more about! Instagram: bookednblessedpodcast]

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