The Key To Level Up Your Life


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When is the last time you failed at something? Being on the journey of leveling up often looks different than we imagine. It’s a lot less like walking up a staircase, some continuous upward trend, and more like gathering wisdom along your journey from BOTH successes and failures. Adding more knowledge and experience with each step forward! This episode is full of stories from our host Neeley, and she persevered through failures, determined to reach her goals! It’s about gathering and applying those life lessons as go, so you can truly level up in life!

02:40 How is failure a key to leveling up?

05:00 Failing 7 times and trying to make it at 22.

08:15 What was it like trying out for Dallas Cowboys Cheer?

12:00 Lessons learned from the first audition I took into the second one!

17:15 What other professional teams I auditioned for.

21:00 How did your experience and failures lead you to what was meant for you?

23:50 How I am able to relate to and support others because of my past challenges and failures?

26:00 What exactly is leveling up?

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