Stop Going Through The Motions in your Daily Life


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In this episode, our host Neeley talks about how she came to create the thing she needed, a sisterhood dancing next to your best friends! We can all relate to the feeling of going through the motions. As Neeley refers to “adulting” in this episode, as grown-ups there never seems to be a lack of cups we pour into, and people to serve. While, of course, so many of the hats we wear are fulfilling and wonderful! What Neeley reminds us in this episode is that with all those amazing hats we wear, we can’t forget about the person underneath them! Tune in to hear Neeley’s story of how she broke out of going through the motions, and created the very thing she needed, Go Fit Win! The perfect way to fill your own cup and surround yourself with a sisterhood of incredible women, and of course, poms and dancing are involved!

01:25 Have you allowed “adulting” to take over?

03:05 How I’ve missed the “old me” when filling every other cup but my own.

06:50 What can I do to get unstuck?

08:40 How I began exploring what fulfilled me individually.

10:00 Challenges I came across finding something that filled me up and fit in my life.

12:05 Creating the solution I needed!

13:00 What is Go Fit Win?

17:00 How long are you going to go through the motions of life?


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