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We’re back with the 4th Natural Superpower in our series - Charisma! In this episode, our host Neeley sharing 7 common traits of charismatic people, and how embracing them can help us make genuine connections with others! It’s about owning your space, owning your voice, and showing up in the world in a way that YOU know the impact you can make for good! Tune into this 4th of 5 Natural Superpowers and how you can put them into action in your daily life!

01:15 What are our Natural Superpowers?

04:00 How can we put these Natural Superpowers into action in our lives?

06:00 What is Charisma?

07:15 What resistance and limiting beliefs do you have around being charismatic?

08:40 Affirmations to break those old limiting beliefs!

10:00 What are 7 common traits of charismatic, magnetic people?

13:30 In an interaction are you fully present in listening, or thinking about what to say next?

16:00 What can I do to own my power?

21:40 The lesson I learned in not taking myself too seriously!


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