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Today’s story is one of true resilience and renewal! Meet Andy Ptacek, faith-based life coach and entrepreneur, as she shares her miraculous journey with cancer and the spiritual and physical battles that came along with it. We’ll discuss how important it is to live in the moment, put gratitude in your life, and advocate for yourself when no one else will. Join us for an episode full of faith and fortitude, because life becomes possible when we come together!

00:00 Meet Andy!

02:40 What is the story behind Andy the New Girl?

05:55 How did you find out you had cancer?

07:15 What was your reaction to finding out?

10:30 How did your kids process the news?

13:30 The moment of hope.

15:50 How did you mentally prepare yourself for the surgery?

19:10 How did you feel post-op?

21:25 What were some of your lowest lows?

25:35 When did you realize that you needed to share your message with others?

29:30 How did you start life coaching?

33:30 What does it mean to you to be a faith-based life coach?

37:05 Tell us more about the retreats.

40:45 What was it like to speak for the Arizona Cardinals cheer training camp?

43:45 Did it bring up any memories from your cheer experience?

46:25 How do you stay fired up and motivated?

Visit Andy’s website for details about speaker bookings, coaching programs, and retreats: andythenewgirl.com & download her free resources to get started

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Read the book, New Again

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