Overcoming Self Sabotage with Joe Rignola


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Today I’ll visit more with my business partner Joe and we’ll touch on his experience with “brain zaps” as he calls them, finding what to do with life, and finding success after decades of self-sabotage.

Joe Rignola is an entrepreneur, filmmaker, and best-selling author. He began his own health journey about 15 years ago while dealing with depression, severe digestive issues, weight gain, and blood sugar dysregulation. After researching alternatives to the medications he was on, Joe was able to take control of his health and lose over 45 pounds by changing his diet and lifestyle. Filled with gratitude for his newfound health and energy, Joe went back to school to study health and nutrition so he could help others along their journey. In 2009 he founded Wellness Punks and began coaching clients 1-on-1, and in 2011 he launched his first online event called The Primal Cooking Workshop. This innovative event was part health summit, part cooking show, and featured some of the most well-known names in the paleo and primal space.

After reaching tens of thousands of people with that single event, Joe dove headfirst into online events. Since then he’s launched, founded, and co-founded some of the most successful brands and events in wellness over the past decade.

To connect more with Joe, check out his website ​​https://wellconnected.tv/ and watch his interviews.

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