I Was Always In Pain, Part 1 with Christopher Blakeslee


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In part 1 of my talk with with Christopher Blakeslee, we'll go through his history and journey. Christopher lived with autoimmune diseases for thirty-five years. For fifteen of those years, the symptoms and excruciating neuropathic pain from them disabled him. Now he's completely healthy and on a mission to help others with chronic health problems to achieve their best health!

Christopher is an ADAPT-Certified Functional Health Coach who helps people with chronic illnesses and chronic pain. He's currently writing a book with former Mayo Clinic doctor Jim Lemons about how lifestyle changes, mindset work, pain neuroscience, and Functional Medicine form the best approach for dealing with chronic health problems.

Connect with Christopher:

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Christopher-Blakeslee-105443384451256

On Twitter: https://twitter.com/BalanceHC

On Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/balancehealthcoach/

Online: https://balancehealthcoach.com

To learn more about Dr. Lemons, visit his website: http://www.lemonscenter.com

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