Ep. 24 - My North Star - Interview w/ David Deitz


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As founder and President of Birchstone, David Deitz navigates the strategic course direction of the property management company and ongoing operations while also overseeing processes and personnel to accommodate the company’s growth. From collaborating with investment partners and corporate teams to developing and implementing best-in-class plans for the operational infrastructure of systems, David’s unique approach to the industry is rooted in a passion to serve the people he has the honor to work with every day.
The depth of David’s background is the cornerstone to developing the vision for Birchstone — a world-class legacy management company that will be the industry leader for decades to come. His diverse experience includes 28-plus years of successfully managing more than 250 properties across the U.S. comprising of over 35,000 apartment units, 2,500 condominium units, and more than 500,000 square feet of commercial and mixed-use space, representing in excess of $3 billion in real estate assets.
David is a Certified Property Manager through the Institute of Real Estate Management and a Housing Credit Certified Professional via the National Association of Home Builders.
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