Ep. 12 - Time to Shift The Culture - Interview w/ Lindy Ware


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One of our favorite interviews to date comes from Pegasus Residential Founder Lindy Ware. Lindy has over 30 years of experience in development and property management leadership in the Mid-Atlantic, South East, and Midwest regions. Lindy served as Vice President for Merry Land Investment Company, Trammell Crow Residential, and Signature Management.
Abandoning tired industry practices, Lindy and her business partner founded Pegasus Residential in January 2009 with a bold vision of revolutionizing third-party management. Lindy and her business partner created an organization hinged on relationships and integrity; and where services rendered are consistently referral-worthy.
Specializing in luxury level management in a variety of markets, Pegasus Residential currently manages over 35,000+ units for various institutional clients, partnerships, and individual owners. Their executive team has experience in Class A-C Conventional communities in both suburban and urban locations. Integrating their unique strengths and extensive experience, they built a truly unique, family-oriented work culture that is inviting and exhilarating to high-achievers and structured for their individual responsibilities so they can lead their team of overachievers with a "hands-on" approach.
Contact Lindy Ware and Pegasus Residential:
Pegasus Residential: Link
Lindy Ware on LinkedIn: Link
📧Email Lindy: ldw@pegasusresidential.com
📞Call: 770-289-8656

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