Protecting Communities, Promoting Love - Conversation with Vincent B. Davis - Part 1 of 2


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Emergency Management should be Vincent B. Davis' middle name. He has seen it all, from civic to community to corporate, as he has endeavoured to protect communities all over the United States. Here at the Multi-Hazards podcast, Vincent B. Davis and podcast host Vin Nelsen discuss how disasters mirror everyday life and how underprepared we really are. With compassion and empathy, Vincent shares the traumas of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lived experiences of Black Americans as racism lives on in all its ugliness. Vincent B. Davis is one of the rare truth-tellers in Emergency Management, a man who doesn't sugarcoat things. Have a listen!

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Vincent B. Davis' Bio:

Vincent B. Davis is Founder of Preparedness Matters Consulting and Director of Disaster Services for Feeding America. Prior to this, Vincent was Workplace Resiliency Manager at Amazon. His portfolio of success includes 23 years in the U.S. Air Force, Air and Army National Guard, and emergency management roles at FEMA, American Red Cross, Walgreens and Sony. He has also done extensive work in underserved communities including training and preparedness planning, with tribal partners, community organizations, and veterans. Vincent B. Davis is the author of three books: Lost and Turned Out, A Guide to Preparing Underserved Communities for Disasters (2012), and The Native Family Disaster Preparedness Handbook (2017), and the Emergency Guidebook for Broadcasters Serving Indian Country in collaboration with Native Public Media.

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