Networking & Mentoring for a New Generation with Brandi Hunter


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In this episode, we discuss networking and mentoring, specifically in Emergency Management (EM), with concepts that can apply to any field. Here EM specialist Brandi Hunter gives her advice, based upon her experiences in recent years, especially as founder of Aspiring Emergency Managers Online (AEMO). Join us!

Topics include: * Brandi's passion for emergency management (EM) * What exactly is professional networking? * How to improve at it? * What are some networking pitfalls and how can we overcome them? * How does mentoring work in professions? * How can we find a mentor? * How can LinkedIn help? * What's Aspiring Emergency Managers Online (AEMO)? * How did Brandi establish this organisation? * What the younger generation needs and can offer? * What specific steps can people considering a new field take? * How can someone start a career in emergency management (EM) and other fields? * What are Brandi's dreams?

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Brandi Hunter’s Bio:

Brandi Hunter is the founder of Aspiring Emergency Managers Online (AEMO), a new and upcoming emergency management professional development community that is dedicated to aspiring emergency managers, supported by professional emergency managers. Her vision was to create a resource that united both aspiring and professional emergency managers, in all sectors, together with the common goal of motivating future emergency managers that they might become successful in their career endeavors. Brandi's goal is to help others to achieve their goals.

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Episode Photos:

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