Multi-Hazards Podcast Season 4 Summary, Season 5 Intro


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Wow, another season of Multi-Hazards is over, a new one is beginning! Join podcast host Vin Nelsen as he shares the stories and glories of this wonderful season covering March to July 2021. Have a listen!

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Vin Nelsen’s Bio:

Vin is a third generation resident Vancouverite in Canada, with mostly Nordic heritage, living and working on unceded, traditional First Nations territory. He has been running the Multi-Hazards podcast, which focuses on disaster/ risk reduction (DRR), climate change adaptation (CCA) and diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI). So far, since May 2020, he has published 80 episodes averaging over one hour, mostly with wonderful guests from around the world.

Vin's recent education includes Emergency & Security Management (Justice Institute of BC), Climate Risk Management (University of Waterloo), Climate Change Policy & Practice (University of Toronto), Meteorology, Indigenous Studies, Marketing, Cybersecurity, etc. His previous education was a Teaching ESL Diploma (Vancouver Community College), an MA in Cross-Cultural-related Studies (TWU) and a BA: Communication, French (Simon Fraser University).

With a decades long background in non-profit work in immigrant services, Vin has been a program manager, employment counsellor and group facilitator and ESL teacher. Now he is focusing on educating the public in DRR, CCA, anti-racism and diversity from a holistic and practical perspective.

Intro: "Ten Inch Spikes" by Jeremy Korpas on Youtube Audio Library Outro: "Sweetly My Heart" by Asher Fulero on Youtube Audio Library

Episode Photo: By Tarikul Raana from Pexels

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