Food Security Solutions - Conversation with Maddie Hague


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Where can we find emergency food for families and individuals who really need it? Food rescue or food recovery is where folks safely retrieve edible food which otherwise goes to waste, and distributing it to those in need. This recovered food, such as fruits, vegetables, and proteins, can solve both problems of hunger and nutrition deficiency, potentially leading to diet-related disease and also food waste.

Join us in this motivating and mind-expanding podcast with Maddie Hague, Program Manager of Food Stash in Vancouver, Canada!

Study Guide here, where it says PDF on the left under the audio file:

Maddie Hague's Bio:

Maddie Hague is Program Manager at Vancouver's Food Stash, a Registered Canadian Charity aiming to rescue surplus food directly from suppliers and redirecting it to households in our community that experience food insecurity, while reducing the environmental impact of food waste. In 2011, Maddie moved from Ontario to Vancouver to study Sustainable Community Development. Over time, Maddie gained experience with several non-profits which taught her that in order to make progress towards a healthier environment we need to put social justice first. This led Maddie to pursue a Masters in Resource and Environmental Management with a focus on respecting Indigenous rights and title. Maddie is deeply inspired by the work of Food Stash and is excited to meet you and everyone in the food security community!

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