Faith, Community & Climate - Conversation with Areej Riaz


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How can faith and community influence our climate action? Look no further. Canada and the world are blessed to have people like Areej Riaz, fighting for the planet and humanity. Areej is a climate change consultant based in Ontario, Canada, with a diverse industry background and in-depth knowledge and work experience from around the world. Her Muslim faith and community is one of the key strengths in her approach to life and the environment. She has contributed much, even at her young age, to global efforts in climate action, access to finance and technology, environmental education and environmental sustainability.

Join us and learn how to walk the talk when it comes to saving the planet and all the living creatures on it, including billions of people!

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Link to Our Climate, Our Stories: A Collection of Stories and Poems by Canadian Youth:

Areej Riaz' Bio:

Areej Riaz is a climate change consultant, with a diverse industry background working with nonprofits, government agencies, consultancies and corporations in Africa, Asia and Europe focused on climate action, access to finance and technology, environmental education and environmental sustainability. This included being a contributing author to three provincial climate change policies in Pakistan, implementing sustainability initiatives in 90 business and industries in Scotland, and coordinating Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN)’s program across Asia in Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Indonesia and Pakistan.

Areej has authored and co-authored numerous publications, including whitepapers, policy briefs, newspaper articles, and most recently a chapter on gender-driven environmental action in a multi-author book on sustainability being published in the UK. She is currently a member of the climate finance working group, renewable energy and the energy efficiency communities of practices of Low Emission Development Strategies (LEDS) Global Partnership. She also serves as an advisor on program development to Hum Pakistan and sits on the board of Upper Canada Fibershed and Books Art Music Collective.

She is currently working as Director of Climate Programs with EnviroMuslims, as Head of Research and Education with the Community Climate Council, and as a sustainability advisor to National Zakat Foundation and Oxfam.

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