Earthquakes and Volcanoes (Disasters and Human Response)


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Earthquakes and volcanoes are among the various disasters dealt with on The Multi-Hazards Podcast. Here we revisit earlier interviews with Dr. Burçak Başbuğ Erkan and Dr. Gio Roberti. What should we all know about earthquakes and volcanoes, and, most of all, what is the human element? How have we mitigated, prepared for, responded to and recovered from these disasters? Join us for this exciting podcast!

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Topics include: * What's happening in Turkey now in terms of disaster management? * How does the nation prepare their structures for earthquakes? * How often does Turkey get earthquakes? How does this affect the level of preparedness? * What are the practices and training required to be prepared for earthquakes? * Should we worry about earthquakes? * What are some lessons learned from the 2011 Van earthquakes in Turkey? * How is Disaster Management interdisciplinary? * What's so significant about Mount Meager, a volcano with glacial ice covering it, outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada? * What happened to Mount Meager in 2010? * What kind of gases can injure or kill researchers who go to the top of these glaciated volcanoes? * How is climate change affecting glaciated volcanoes like Mount Meager? * Big volcanic eruptions can put ash in the atmosphere. How does this affect the skies and weather in nearby regions of the entire world? * What are the clusters of volcanoes along the West Coast of North America? * What is the "ring" with "plates" underneath around the Pacific Ocean and why is it important? * Which mountain poses a threat to Seattle, Washington State, United States? * Which famous volcano erupted on the US West Coast in May 1980? What happened? * How do landslides resulting from volcanoes pose a risk to communities? * Which famous volcanic eruption occurred in Italy during the Roman Empire and destroyed the city of Pompeii? * Why would it be more dangerous if this volcano erupted today?

Dr. Burçak Başbuğ Erkan is Associate Professor in the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey. Source: Dr. Gio Roberti is Section Head, Minerva Intelligence in Vancouver, Canada. Source:

Earthquakes: S01 E13 Earthquakes, Disaster Management Education & Protecting Communities: Interview with Dr. Burçak Başbuğ Erkan

Link to original episode: From original's 12:35 - 23:45 minutes mark (TOTAL 10:50) and original's 27:57 - 33:41 minutes mark (TOTAL 4:44)

Volcanoes: S01 E02 Volcanoes, Landslides & Artificial Intelligence: Interview with Dr. Gio Roberti Link to original episode: From original's 11:20 to 28:39 minutes (TOTAL 17:19)

Intro: "Ten Inch Spikes" by Jeremy Korpas on Youtube Audio Library Outro: "Nine Lives" by Unicorn Heads Episode Photos by Richter Scale Image by Tumisu from Pixabay and the rest are from Befunky Collages

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